Bagel Place of College Park Maryland. Serving fresh bagels, coffee, sandwiches & food daily. 301.779.3900

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10 Person Minimum Per Platter

Deluxe Deli Platter
Your choice of four meats & two cheeses accompanied by coleslaw & potato salad - Served with fresh bagels, breads, pickles & condiments
$8.39/per person

Savory Salad platter
Chicken, tuna & egg salad served with potato salad, coleslaw, pickles, fresh bagels & breads
$8.39/per person

Deluxe Sandwich Platter
A delicious assortment of sandwiches on fresh bagels & breads. Served with potato salad, coleslaw, pickles & condiments. Choose from turkey, ham, roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, kosher beef salami, veggie, veggie & cheese, hummus, tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad & whitefish salad. All made with lettuce & tomato.
$8.39/per person

Savory Smoked Fish & Cheese platter
Fresh whitefish salad, sliced nova, swiss cheese & three cream cheeses served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumbers & fresh bagels
$10.59/per person

Your choice of three meats & two cheeses topped with lettuce & tomato. Served with pickles & condiments. Serves approx. 20

Superbagel Club
Turkey, ham, crispy bacon & white american cheese topped with lettuce & tomato. Served with pickles & condiments. Serves approx. 20

Super Nova Bagel
Fresh nova, plain cream cheese, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & red onion layered on a superbagel. Serves approx. 20

Boxed Lunch
One of our fresh sandwiches, bag of chips, two cookies & a bottled soda or water packed inside a box. Perfect for meetings, group trips, picnics, field trips & any other large gathering. Boxes can be labeled.
$9.89/per person

Bagel & Cream Cheese Platter
Fresh bagels sliced on a platter with assorted cream cheeses
$3.19/per person

Bagel, Cream Cheese & Muffin Platter
Bagels, assorted cream cheeses & assorted sliced muffins arranged on a platter.
$4.89/per person

Garden & Cream Cheese Platter
Fresh bagels, assorted cream cheeses, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber & alfalfa sprouts arranged on a platter for a beautiful presentation.
$4.89/per person

Egg Sandwich Platter
Assorted egg sandwiches wrapped in foil and labeled on a platter.
$4.89/per person

Sweet Tooth Platter
Brownies, assorted cookies & assorted sliced muffins arranged on a platter.
$4.19/per person

Crisp Veggie Platter
Assorted fresh garden veggies served with homemade garden vegetable dip.
$4.89/per person

Fresh Fruit Platter
A delightful display of assorted fresh fruit arranged on a platter.-seasonal
$5.29/per person

Crispy Cheese & Cracker Platter
A variety of sliced cheeses & gourmet crackers on a platter.
$5.29/per person

Coffee & Hot Tea Service
$2.89/per person

Coffee & Hot Tea To Go
8 cups of coffee or hot tea served in a handy container with all of the accessories

Paper Service
Plates, knives, napkins, forks & spoons
$.50/per person




We Accept University Purchase Orders, Visa, Master Card,University Visa &

American Express(only catering)

All prices subject to change without notice - Sept. 2016



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